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Mata Sahib Kaur Free Silai Centre

Mata Sahib Kaur Free Silai Centre


MSKFSC commemorates the name of the Mother of the Khalsa, blessed  by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Mata Sahib Kaur and was inaugurated by Baba Lakhbir Singh Ji on 14.04.2014, the Baisakhi Day. Under the overall supervision of Babaji,  the Centre is efficiently managed and guided by Er. Jaswant Singh, Director for four schools of the Mission ably assisted by Ms. Ritu Oberoi, the principal of GGGVMSSS. Exclusively for ladies, it trains the womenfolk of rural area in cutting, tailoring and embroidery and preparation of Fancy items of daily use. Owing to poverty and other deeply entrenched social restraints, rural womenfolk fail to get academic. technical, or vocational education and feel ignored in the society. To uplift them it was proposed that this Centre be started. The general preception is that the womenfolk so trained can start stitching work in their homes or if possible start their own boutiques or get employed with other tailors or work at home for their economic betterment. The course content is normally for six months can be extended, if required.

•    No fee is charged.
•    To and fro transportation is provided free of cost
•    Sewing machines and some other materials etc. are provided free of cost by the Ttrust.
•    The studies start early in the morning with the recitation of Japuji Sahib.

The first  session began with a 100 students in April 2014.