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Aims And Objectives

    Vishav Gurmat Roohani Mission Charitable Trust (VGRMCT)  was formed and got registered on 15th of May 1996 at Majri, district  Ropar (Pb.). The aims and objects of the Trust are set out below as per the Trust deed:

•    To preach the revealed word (Gurbani) of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and to inspire the adherents by propagating its message; to join the followers by administering the baptism of the double edged sword in order to connect them to the Master-in-logos (Shabad Guru).

•    To establish schools to formulate abstruse principles of Guru's Path (Gurmat) for the sake of imparting religious education and teaching music of Gurmat to the aspirants.

•    To open an educational institution for the study of Sikh history, the lives of all the saints and for the study of other religions.

•    To grant Scholarships to the deserving students in the fields of sports and academics. To  open schools and colleges for higher education.

•    In order to make the environments pollution free to plant more and more trees to fill the earth with greenery.

•    To render required service to the poor, the handicapped and helpless and the abandoned and economically weaker sections of society.

•    To make arrangements for the free medical help and free medicines to all the needy people drawn from all the sections of the society.

•    To render financial help to the boys and girls of the needy families at their marriage and to make arrangements for the things required.

•    To establish hospitals fitted with state of the art machinery for the proper treatment of the people.

•    To help the adversely affected at the time of natural disasters.

•    In order that people shun the deadly sin of foeticide, to make the society aware by preaching the ideology of Sikhism, thus checking this horrible practice leading to the protection of girl child.

•    To connect the youth to the rich heritage of Sikhs by getting them to abandon the predilection for using drugs and intoxicants.

•    To connect the children to the rich heritage of Sikhism by holding camps in the country and abroad

•    To provide free training in different vocational courses to make the people self dependent so far as employment is concerned.