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Guru Ka Langar :
Guru Ka Langar (Free Food) is provided to every one throughout the said period at the headquarter of the Institution. Free food is also served to lacs of people come to attend the annual functions arranged every year for four days. This facility is also made available on all Sundays and Pooranmashi for the sangat attend the weekly satsang programmes in thousands.

Shelter :
Free clothing, food, medical aid and accommodation is provided to old age, other persons serving the institution and needy persons as and when needed.

Education :
Tuition fee and books expenditure is being paid by the institution in respect of the children of persons serving the trust. Other needy/poor children are also being helped.

Medical :
Trust is running free dispensary on every Sunday and Poornamashi. Institution provides medical facility to indoor and outdoor needy persons. Financial aid is also provided for the medical tests, medicines, hospital expenses etc. to the needy persons. Free medical camps are arranged at the time of annual smagams in which Allopathic, Ayuravedic, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Acupressure services are provided.

Sports :
Monetary assistance for the upliftment of the sports is also provided.

Financial Assistance :
Financial assistance for the marriages of the poor girls-Individual and collective marriages and Financial assistance to the institution take care of disabled persons.

Donation to religious places :
Donation given to religious places for construction of Gurudwara/Mandir buildings.

Library :
Library is also established in which religious, historical and general knowledge books are kept.

Honorarium to Scholars :
Institution invites reputed ragis, scholars, speakers, saints on different occasions arranged from time to time to deliver the lecture. They are also hounered with the gifts (siropa) in the shape of cash and clothing.

Honorarium to serving persons :

Honorarium is given to some needy persons, serving on the trust.

Satsang Samagam/ Annual Functions :
Huge amount is spent during the annual function celebrated every year at the headquarter. In addition to this, Satsang Samagams are also arranged at different places in the State of Punjab, and other states of the country i.e. UP, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Magarashtra etc. to spread over the spiritual knowledge of Holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and other religions to create tension free atmosphere in the society.

Blood Donation Camps :

Blood donation camp was arranged at Ghanour (Patiala) in which the head of the trust Sant Baba Lakhbir Singh Ji was honoured by Patiala District Blood Transfusion Council, Patiala with the Certificate of Honour for the meritorious services in the field of Blood donation on the occasion of National Voluntary Blood Donation Day.

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