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Raison d'etre of Spiritual Assembly


The coming together of the ideologies of the East and West; the discoveries of the science; means of telecommunications and transport, the mass media at  its critical best; computers becoming our masters and life having become absolutely materialistic and commercialized have alienated man further from his centre leading him astray, making him lonely, imprisoned in his own misery. Lethal weapons and brow beating among the nations of the world, both powerful and small are casting a shadow over every mind and creating a feeling of restlessness. In many countries we find a civil war-like atmosphere and gloom hangs heavy like a pall. Exploitation of the poor by the rich and the former's misery and insecurity are pushing humanity into a chasm deep like Hades.

Having nothing to guide us, we have wandered away the eternal law of religion which has its roots in compassion and which holds the universe together and are, therefore, suffering. An atmosphere of self aggrandizement, repine and despotic leanings has led us far far away from the path of peace.

The physical discoveries have remained unable to give us a mental peace. Having gone astray, mankind is in agony and suffering intensively; a pitch darkness is engulfing the world. The king does not have any faith in his subjects any more. He hacks his subjects to pieces like a butcher and wields a knife in his hand. The right to life itself is slipping away from the hands of the people. The trio of three states of mind viz Rajo-Tamo and Sato is keeping us deprived of the eternal happiness. The pleasures of the material world are transient. The fire of the lust has charred all the green plants (of contentment). One reaches out one's hand for happiness but one find only suffering looming large in front of him.

In such a state of mental turmoil and commotion there is such a quest for peace that it can be got only by introspection and self realization. Although appearing more than one, the whole world the whole universe, whose basis is the name of God is indeed one, the solid form of One logos in which one can find the attributes of Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. The waves, the bubbles and the foam always remain the part of the ocean. Soaring high in the skies riding the clouds, water always remains part of the same ocean. Assuming the forms of rivers, waterfalls and springs it remains the same water which actuated by an intense desire to join its source id flowing with a longing for its origin, gushing forth down the slopes of low-lying lands.

Having been separated from its great source, the water in the puddles, ponds and pools has stagnated and lost its purity , worms and insects have appeared in it. It has started stinking and has become poisonous. It will not regain its purity until it is washed away in a great flow with flood water (like a bride uniting with her bridegroom) when the stagnated waters become the ocean again.

Likewise, until man casts off his feeling of plurality, he cannot rejoin his centre, the very attributes of which are Truth, Consciousness, Bliss and Love. His disquiet will not go. His miseries, which are the result of treading on the wrong path, will go on multiplying. Restlessness will be rife and the pathetic cries of pain will continue to be heard everywhere. Ever leaping and ever blazing lust will continue to set his peace on fire. Peace can only be attained by becoming one with God Who is the ultimate Truth. The search for this Truth was revealed to us by the Great Masters, Prophets, Anchorites, Sufis, Saints and Gurmukhs who showed us the way to peace. Religion is a highroad to peace. A group of people trod and pursued this path where by religion came into existence. When these people (who profess a religion) lose their light by straying away from the pristine path, they then engage themselves in hair-splitting logic; they quarrel and fight and demolish temples, mosques and churches. They become very destructive indeed. 

The souls bearing light lead us towards and then into light. These souls are called by different names such as Sadhus, Saints, Enlightened souls, Brahmgyanis, Sufis, the heads of Yogic sects.  Searching for the primeval element they have dissolved their ego in the truth and have achieved common to all highest beatitude. 

The lives of such great souls originate in ordinary surroundings The blows of time, social and religious hurdles, orthodoxies, superstitious notions, hatred, envy and intolerance obstruct their path. But being united with the primeval element and tearing through darkness, they become common to all and of all. Their reflection upon the abstruse principles give a glimmer of hope and light to us all. Sallying forth out of eccentric circle of I, My and Mine, we feel a unity and oneness of life; our (little) selves melt away,  admitting us in totality. Then all become ours and the walls of creeds crumble down. An incandescent flame of light and truth kindles in us lighting up the darkest nooks and corners. "It's Lord, It's Lord and none else." is revealed to us.

When we glimpse life as unity, the flower rather than being plucked continuing on its peduncle transmits fragrance and cheerfulness; the great rivers become common; the geographical boundaries vanish into thin air. Whereas the pain is felt even at the needless felling of the trees, attachment gets deepened when there is a strong bond between the animals, bird and human beings, when the sheep and the lion can co-exist together.

Keeping in mind the above principles as aims, an attempt is made by Vishav Gurmat Roohani Mission to hold an assembly in which eminent intelligentsia will participate. These intellectuals will endeavor to lift us  from abstruseness to the bliss bestowing Principles set forth in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. A big number of Saints, Sadhus, Shastris and Swamis too will participate who from the realization of truth being revealed to them in turn have given peace to millions of people.