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Now all LIVE Diwans on YouTube | Babaji's Gurmat Parchar visit to Australia from 12 March 2018.

List of Fixed Programmes

The Fixed Programs and Salana Samagam (Spiritual Assembly) at Ratwara Sahib 

Birthdays, Accession Days, The Day of Merger in Divine Light and Martyrdom Days of All Gurus.
All Sundays (First Sunday at Balongi, Mohali and all other at Ratwara Sahib)
(Time : 12.00 noon to 04.00 pm)
Full Moon Day (Puranmashi) at Ratwara Sahib (Along with baptism (Amrit Sanchar))
(Time : 12.00 noon to 04.00 pm) 
Birthday of Founder of Vishav Gurmat Roohani Mission Charitable Trust (VGRMCT), Sant Waryam Singh Ji on 17 June.
Birthday of Mata Ranjit Kaur Ji (Wife of Sant Waryam Singh Ji) on 8 August.
Yearly spiritual assembly (Salana Gurmat Samagam) on 30, 31 October and 1 November.