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Sant Baba Waryam Singh Ji has the privilege to be closest associate of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Maharaj Rara sahib wale and Gurmat Spiritual discussions were used to take place among  them occasionally. Once upon a time Sant MaharajJi Rara Sahib wale expressed his keen desire to launch a spiritual magazine to highlight the gurmat sidhants (principles) of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji for the awareness of the Sikh community and for general public too. To prepare VDO films of diwansfor the purpose of Gurmat Preachings. He offered Rs. One lac to Sant Waryam Singh Ji to buy projector etc. to complete this noble task.Sant Ji humbly refused to take money but instead requested him by saying “ Maharaj Ji ! give me the blessings so that I could complete this great task with my own efforts.”Sant Maharaj Ji Rarewale was very happy to listen this answer and showered him with kind blessings and said “ Guru Nanak PatshshJi will help you to complete all tasks.”With the course of time both the wordings(bachans) of Sant Maharaj Ji Rarewale became true. In the year 1978 Sant Waryam Singh Ji sold his agricultural farm and settled in Chandigarh. He did the preachings of Sikhism in the Ropar district and moved tirelessly day and night to baptize the people to bring in the Sikh stream.  He established the Ratwara Sahib Parchar Kendra in the year 1986 and started making the Video films of his Spiritual Diwans.Now these Videos (DVD’S) via modern electronic media , are sreading the spiritual message of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji all over world.

Atam Marg magazine was also launched in year 1995 on the great occasion of Vaisakhi (the birth of Khalsa) with a humble prayer ( ardas ) in front of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, by Sikh Sangat which was present in countless  numbers. It was inaugurated by Mata Ranjit Kaur Ji in the loud and proud cries of (jaikaras) “ Boley so nihal- Sat sri Akal “. It boosted a high spiritual courage to perform a selflessseva amongst the sangat.Under the excellent spiritual guidance of Sant Baba Waryam Singh Ji, with the co-operation of volunteer sevadars and hard work of administrative staff, the Atam Marg magazine has shined its qualities to be moving ahead in all difficult times. It has not only created an identity of its own but has also shined among all religious magazines and has also been providing a spiritual guidance to thousands of its readers and listeners. Its circulation is above twenty thousand (20000) in Punjabi, Hindi and English languages. More than hundred atammarg publications of Preachings of Sant Ji Maharaj in the form of books in all three languages are also made available to the readers for spiritual guidance.

This is a humble request to Guru Sangatand its worthy members and readers that life membership is generally counted for ten years but keeping in view the Gurmat Parchar, the magazine is regularly sent. Although according to the present market position the cost of paper and printing is increased many times than before  and with the result price of membership is not increased. So to keep it on “ No profit and No loss” sangat must share its burden to keep it regular for a long time and so that it may provide spiritual guidance to all readers in the coming future too .

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